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Welcome to the only website devoted exclusively to women who suffer with an irritable uterus (IU) during pregnancy. Limited information is available on irritable uteri. Doctors have varying opinions on what a woman with an irritable uterus should or should not do to treat the condition. No one knows for sure what causes it and very few studies, that we know of at least, have been done on how much an irritable uterus is connected to preterm labor and birth.  The main purpose of this website is to collect and disseminate information about irritable uteri to help women dealing with and/or doctors treating and perhaps assisting in preventing this condition.

This website was designed by women who have suffered with an irritable uterus who seek to help others who have also been diagnosed, either by a medical professional or informally by themselves, with irritable uteri. We have suffered from IU, some of us through multiple pregnancies, so we know how difficult life can really be when living with an IU OR when living with someone who has an IU. 


We welcome you to our site and we are here for you!

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Last updated: March 2009


The information is compiled by the members of the Irritable Uterus Group. Nothing on this page should be taken as medical advice.
A doctor should be consulted before undertaking any of the medical treatments of methods recommended by the members.

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